A Mothers Review on Vaxxed

Last night, I celebrated my 28th birthday and all I wanted was to do was go see the controversial documentary Vaxxed at 7:15pm because it happened to be showing at a theater near our home. What you may know of this film can be the snippets of interviews shown on the news regarding the controversy of the film being pulled from theaters as well as two large film festivals… One of which got an incredible candid response from Robert de Niro.

His response resonated with my beliefs, that there needs to be safer vaccinations for our children, the ingredients in my opinion are very controversial and yet not many parents even think to take a look further into what our doctors are injecting into our children’s bodies. Well, I have always been one that needs to know, needs to read and research for myself so I can be and feel fully informed on what goes into my our bodies. I also believe, just as De Niro states, there needs to be a conversation had regarding the safety and overall testing of vaccines. If you’re interested in looking into the move Trace Amounts, Click here.

My husband and I showed up to the theater last night to a huge crowd of people. He looked at me and said, “That can’t be the line for this documentary right?” But I knew right away the turnout had far surpassed my expectations. We waited for a while past the showing time because the movie before was still eagerly sitting in the Q&A session they were hosting that night. We killed time by snap chatting silly pictures and eaves dropping on the conversations around us, many to which pointed to the director and doctors standing across the way, school boards, vaccine injury stories and more but finally at 8pm, the line started letting into the theater.

As the documentary unfolded my heart broke… an not only broke, it shattered into pieces and has remained that way. The stories of parents who watched their children change overnight, I was outraged that their stories had never been told or listened too. When the movie ended, the producer asked for those in the audience that had vaccine injured children to stand and nearly half the theater rose, I sat in awe and fought tears back. How can this be? How can all these parents tell the same story of “My child was normally developing and the day after a round of vaccines, everything changed. Speech went away. Walking ceased. Seizures began.” How could their cries to doctors never have been listened to and they were just turned away with the statement of “you just never noticed these consistencies prior to now.”

I know my child. I know everything about him. From the way he walks around the house, the words he says or attempts to say. His triggers of happiness, laughter, crankiness to fear. I know his tendencies when he gets tired to how he puts himself to sleep in his crib to the chatter we hear as he wakes himself up in the mornings. If all that were to change overnight, following a vaccination, I would be devastated that no one would hear my beckoning. I went home that night to pick up my child and hold him in my arms and pray for thankfulness that he is healthy and pray for the families that know otherwise.

I was introduced to a YouTube Channel called Hear This Well and if you don’t have the chance to see the movie, please visit this channel to see all the cries of parents who speak out in regards to vaccine injury and see for yourself the agonizing stories that truly exist.

To know and live through what these parents have dealt with in the time of two hours in a theater cannot even resonate with how much this movie needs to be seen. This conversation needs to begin now. Why aren’t vaccines safer? Why aren’t they tested as rigorously as pharmaceutical pills? Why do they include controversial ingredients, no matter how small the scale?

I didn’t expect to sit down and blog about my experience the morning after my birthday regarding the viewing of a documentary, but how can I not share what’s now tearing at my heart? I will not unfold any other details regarding the CDC Fraud that is shared in the movie or specific stories the movie dives into as well as the research the CDC has done that has never been talked about. I’m thankful for the CDC Whistleblower for bringing this story to the hands of these producers and to the viewing of people like me. However, please don’t ask me any further questions regarding the film, whether in person or online. Go see it. Formulate your own opinion. Educate yourself and stop living in the ignorance that our media covers up and allows.

If you want to read more about the individual vaccinations our children are expected to receive, I highly recommend the The Vaccine Book. It’s written from the perspective of a pro-vaccination doctor. He breaks down each individual vaccine from the disease it protects against, the timing given, the ingredients, the possible side effects and the options to consider when getting the vaccine. Again, the best thing you can do for yourself, is to educate yourself.

*Edited to Add*

ttavThere is a new docu-series out that I’m encouraging EVERYONE to watch. It does not matter your stance on vaccines, just watch. It’s all about the facts, like a mechanic lifting up the hood of a vehicle and seeing whats there and exposing it. You can watch this documentary series free using my link here -> The Truth about Vaccines 7 part Docu-Series. I really encourage you, especially if you found yourself reading the entirety of my post, to watch, educate yourself and share what you learn.

-Essentially a Mom with Concerns