Nursery Style


This may be a long time coming, but today I thought it was probably about time I shared our nursery with you all 🙂 When my husband and I moved into our house, not even one month before Maverick arrived, we were beyond ourselves to be able to decorate a nursery. First of all, we prayed so long and hard for this child, second we finally had the space for a separate nursery and third, we just love starting with a clean slate.  We didn’t get carpet into the bedrooms until less than two weeks before his arrival… talk about stressful! But, we figured, he wouldn’t be in there right away anyways. Like most momma’s, I wasn’t provided much opportunity to nest, but boy did I take advantage of that two weeks! I was largely pregnant and there was an awful (unsurprising) southern California heat wave but I was determined to get his space together.

Our inspiration for the nursery was to be something timeless that could stretch through more than one child. We had no intentions of stopping after the first so we wanted to go as neutral as possible. We’ll see come baby #2 if I’ll use the excuse to re-decorate.. start placing your bets.

Enjoy & be inspired – from our home to yours


Handmade pull toy passed down from Nick, made by Maverick’s great grandpa


Reading to Maverick has been important since day 1 of finding out we were expecting and I want him to visualize the signifigance of books everyday


Personlized baby gear from the Baby Guy at the OC Swap Meet


Lovely Pier 1 Imports find (I love owls!)


We received all these books from Maverick’s baby shower


The Toy Box Train was also Nicks, made by great grandpa


DaVinci Convertible Crib that extends to toddler, daybed & to a full bed (link below)

I love this crib – you can find it on Amazon or even register for it!


We took out the closet to add workable square footage to the room


Having a rocker was a lifesaver for those middle of the night feedings


With love – from our sanctuary