Organic Apple Teething Rings

All this momma wants for Christmas is her sons two front teeth to come in.. they are currently cutting through so hopefully by the Holiday we will be back to our normal selves, sleep schedules and attitudes.

Even with the most ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ teething biscuits on the market, they typically aren’t all what they seem.  Even the best I could find had a second ingredient of sugar.. If you know my stance on sugar, you know I won’t touch anything that includes it in the ingredients. I dare you to try for yourself to read ingredient labels and see how many products now-a-days include it.

I figured there had to be a way to naturally sooth my sons manic chewing and pain, so alongside essential oil roller balls and a baltic amber teething necklace (lifesaver), we give him apple teething rings. The only ingredient? Sliced apples! I also dash mine with a bit of cinnamon for the health benefits and spice to keep my littles attention on the rings. And these are so simple!

Warning – your house will smell heavenly as you bake these!!

Apple Teething Rings

  • 2 organic apples
  • cinnamon (optional)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Take the apple and remove the stem and wash well.  Using a mandolin slicer on the thickest setting, slice the apples with the core at the center.

20151210_172910Once they have all been sliced, use a pairing knife to cute out the tough centers. Line on a baking rack in an individual layer. The reason it’s best to use a rack is so air can circulate all around the apple to dry them out evenly.

20151210_173158Sprinkle with cinnamon if you’d prefer. Bake apples for 1.5 – 2 hours until they have dried out and are tough.

20151217_154450Once they are cooled, store them in a cool dry place and let your child enjoy the sweet relief on their gums!! Please note – after some chewing the apples will eventually break down so child should be monitored with them just as they would with normal biscuits and snacks.

-Essentially a Mom