Labor Preparation at 37 Weeks

Wow – I am in shock that I am 37 weeks along and it is safe for my little girl to arrive being that she’s officially full term. And now that the birth center has the go ahead to deliver her.. that means I’m preparing my body by adding a few drugs into my daily routine… DRUGS?! I only mean natural of course!

My birth center put together this homeopathic labor preparation kit that I abided by with my son and he showed up two days early – so you can bet I have started this regiment again. I wanted to share it with you all so you’d have a sense of preparation yourselves. Because, why not? If it’s safe for the babe to arrive, I might as well encourage a timely arrival right? Especially when summer heat is kicking into high gear! [and I can only go to the beach so many times… and I hate the sand]

The first time around, I took these all without question since I have used homeopathics in the past and I felt I could [obviously] trust my birth center. This time, I decided to do a little research to understand what it was I was taking and why, especially so I could pass it along to you. Because some of you may be asking.. What the heck is homeopathy and how do these little pellets that dissolve under my tongue, with hardly any flavor actually do anything?


^ Pulsatilla ^

Let me enlighten you… Homeopathic medicines are therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances. They are reliable and safe drugs, therefore considered by many as an excellent first choice when self-medicating. Homeopathy has been used for more than 200 years, building a remarkable safety record and generating a great body of knowledge. Today, homeopathy is used by millions of patients in more than 65 countries and recommended by more than 400,000 healthcare providers. []

Labor Preparation Boiron Homeopathy Kit

Caulophyllum Thalictroides 6c: 3 pellets in AM & PM     [found here]
AKA Blue cohosh is used for stimulating the uterus and starting labor; starting menstruation; stopping muscle spasms; as a laxative; and for treating colic, sore throat, cramps, hiccups, epilepsy, hysterics, inflammation of the uterus, and joint conditions.
Main use: Menstrual cramps
Other uses: Dilate the cervix.

Cimicifuga Racemosa 6c: 3 pellets in AM & PM     [found here]
AKA Black Cohosh has been used by Native Americans for more than two hundred years, after they discovered the root of the plant helped relieve menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause. These days it is still used for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes/flushes, irritability, mood swings and sleep disturbances. It is also used for PMS, menstrual irregularities, uterine spasms and has been indicated for reducing inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and neuralgia.
Main use: Painful menstrual periods with upper back pain
Other uses: Dilate the cervix.

Pulsatilla 30c: 3 pellets in AM & PM     [found here]
Pulsatilla is used for painful conditions of the male reproductive system, such as swelling of the testicles or swelling of a structure in the back of the testicles; as well as for painful conditions of the female reproductive system, such as menstrual cramps and painful ovaries. Pulsatilla is also used for tension headache, hyperactivity, trouble sleeping, boils, asthma and other lung diseases, earache, migraines, nerve pain, general restlessness, disorders of the gastrointestinal, and disorders of the urinary tract.
Main use: Colds with thick, yellow discharge
Other uses: Induce labor, help labor progress and help breech babies to flip

Gelsemium Sempervirens 30c: 3 pellets in AM & PM    [found here]
Gelsemium is used as a painkiller for migraine headaches and for face pain caused by certain facial nerves. It is also used for asthma and other breathing problems.
Main use: Stage fright, apprehension and fever
Other uses: Induce labor, help labor progress and help breech babies to flip

So if you’re like me, you love all the details in research.. however, if you are not. Let me sum it up. The first two can help cervix dilation – very important in the weeks leading up to and through labor. So many women check into the hospital to find out they are barely progressed and get sent home.. these can help with that dilemma. They both also aide with pain experienced in the uterus.. ugh hello labor, that’s what you’re known for. The latter two help with inducing labor, progressing labor and can be known to flip babies! What a miracle, am I right? These four combined are a power house to get your body ready and help get things going sooner rather than later.


^ Evening Primrose ^

The final addition I add into my daily supplement taking is Evening Primrose Oil. There are many articles about this herb about wether or not it induces labor – and that’s not the reason I take it. Evening Primrose Oil actually helps soften and ripen the cervix to prepare for labor. You can find cold-pressed soft gels here.

I know I mentioned the supplements I added.. but if you haven’t read my previous posts that talk about Red Raspberry Leaf tea – well, make sure you’re drinking it daily at this point. It’s also helpful during and through labor to help progress and soften the cervix. This tea is basically the elixir that will strengthen your uterus, you super woman you. You can read my third trimester tips here.

With all that said, don’t use this as a catch all to magically go into labor, these added benefits will just assist your body’s natural progression of getting ready. When the body is ready, you’ll likely go into labor on time, however this is not the case for all. I’m not a betting woman, but if I can do anything to increase my odds of an easier labor, an earlier birth and all around faster delivery – you can bet I’ll be participating!

-Essentially a Mom, sort of ready to meet her baby