Time is a Thief – My Baby is Two

I realize this post comes after a great silence on my part, but with two under two and working from home at beast mode levels, I haven’t been able to touch base in the slightest… but leave it to a milestone to always bring me back.

IMG_7235And, Sorry not sorry for the length and sap of this but no matter how eloquently.. boldly.. beautifully.. or bluntly I can blog something, I’ll still never be able to convey what I’ve experienced because of your birth, Maverick Leo. You made me mom. Your birth story was my “I’m a first timer” moment. We’ve learned together. Grown together. Taught each other. And loved each other. You are my first born and my so many firsts beyond that very special day. And now, you are two. Out of no where time has passed, we have added to the family and you’re a full fledged toddler.
We have so many years to still grow together in teachable moments, trustworthy moments and loving moments yet, I can bet, you’ll be an adult before I know it and I can’t even bare to stomach that truth although I’m fully aware it is one. From what I’ve learned via so many other amazing parents it’s that time is a true thief. How that’s possible? I’m still trying to figure that one out.
Because time is a thief I’m trying to hold dear to how you say my name, “mama”. That you look to me the moment you get hurt, do something mischievous or especially when you’re proud of a triumph feat. I relish in the tiny hand that reach for my legs when I’m the least bit expecting it. There nothing that can compare to the feel of a tiny hand reaching for help and affection.
It’s funny how you can spend so much time in one day getting frustrated over a mess. Debating with your child on why they should get down from anything they can climb. Coaxing them into to eating because they can’t live on bread (or crackers) alone and then you remember, well Jesus did, so he will probably be fine.. Momentary struggles and hurdles all throughout a parents day pile up and make a day drag on but suddenly the week is always over, a month quickly passes and soon your baby is a toddler and so on. It’s understandable why time passes so quick with the daily distraction of childhood.

IMG_7055So I write this to remember to pause. To sit and hold my toddler, to snuggle my infant and to relish these times of crazy in the midst of the ever fast moving current of parenthood. This is another reason I hadn’t checked in to the blog in quite a few months… We have been training ourselves to slow down. While I fully plan to bring my workings and research to all that follow me here, I hope you understand that my family comes first these days as time is quickly passing. I can’t stand to miss anything else. So Happy Birthday, Maverick. We enjoyed and loved celebrating two with you.