My Health Journey

I am a large activist for natural healing in my household. A couple years back, when my husband and I found that we weren’t easily becoming pregnant, I decided to throw out every over the counter and prescription medicine I could find because I was tired of relying on products that masked the problem versus fixing it and it concerned me there could be a link to infertility. After ditching all the pharmaceuticals I ventured into a very nutrient dense diet with the book Nourishing Traditions in hand that a friend sent to me – one supported by the Weston A Price foundation.

We turned our health around and have never felt better. We ate what was in season, started investigating any labels on all products we would buy, purchased meat from local farms and markets and our eyes were opened to a world of feeling and looking great. The only issue was I still hadn’t found myself pregnant yet. At 25 years old, I thought, what could be wrong with me – I’m healthy, I’m young.. what could it be? After a full year of trying to conceive, I decided to try Chinese medicine and put acupuncture to the test… and ta-da! Not even a month of acupuncture and there I was, expecting my first child.

I was head over heals with the fact I’d ventured into this new stage of life. However, the questions started racing through my mind, I know I can care for myself but what about the health of a child, who’s brand new at that? I threw away modern meds, but what if he gets a fever or stuffed up or I just plain don’t know what’s wrong but want to help him? Just like that, I found essential oils.  I had dabbled here and there with them but never researched heavily into what they could do for me and how to go about purchasing them. It was like fate when a friend introduced me to a line of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and I’ve never turned back. Our household uses them in every aspect and I am so excited to share with you how they’ve helped and the many uses they contain. Interested?  Just email me with further questions at!

To hold the key to options before medicine has given my such great confidence and power in my family. We love being able to find aide to issues commonly unanswered at the doctors office. If you want to take advantage of the same – contact me.

-Essentially a Mom