Baby Shower – It’s a Girl

This may have been a month ago but I just got the pictures and it was so fun reminiscing! My lovely friends and family threw me a baby shower brunch in honor of our littlest to arrive any day. I thought I’d share the elegant, whimsy of the day…

baby showersadona_baby (49 of 57)

Provide space for guests to sit around, eat, drink & mingle

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Have an array of food options to accommodate all guests likings – and pregnancy cravings

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Put a spin on a fruit salad: watermelon, feta, basil & balsamic.

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Include the mom-t0-be’s favorite indulgence.

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Bring out the competitive spirit and have people guess the birth date.

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Include other party games to keep guests engaged and on their toes!

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Allow for plenty of time when it comes to gifts and interchange games between them.sadona_baby (28 of 57)

Have a cocktail (& mocktail) table for guests to mix and match — we had a mimosa bar!


sadona_baby (29 of 57)Announce the baby’s name (if you believe it’s time and you’re ready)

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You don’t have to go overboard &┬áplace a few whimsical flowers in jars around the party.

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Give the mom-to-be plenty of time to mingle and area’s to sit – chances are, she’s tired!

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Grab a few shots of mom with her babes because chances are she won’t dress up too often in the short time ahead – give her a small photo shoot opportunity!

Have guests pray and sing praises over the soon-to-be arrival to encourage mom.

-Essentially a Showered Mom