Are you Ready for a Natural Disaster with a Baby?


Alright Earth.. I feel your trembles. You keep sending small shakes, quite often I might add, and while not scary they’ve got my mind turning… Could these be precursors? With earthquakes, you will never know but I figure it’s better to be safe that sorry. It doesn’t help that we are supposedly experiencing a record tying El Nino this winter, which could mean flooding and power outages.  I have always tried to keep ample water supply around and there’s always food in my pantry that could sustain my family for a good amount of time if a large one was to hit, but could I take care of my son for 1-2 weeks if stores and gas stations were out of commission?

A mom friend posted a survival kit blog a couple weeks back after the two small Newport Beach earthquakes and now that there was another larger one this morning further away, it’s time to spread the word of preparation. I wanted to think beyond just my son’s needs, but overall what would happen if we had to leave our house for a short period of time or even if local stores were closed due to damage. The key is to be able to sustain yourself for up to two weeks either in your home or a family members.

Always Keep your Gas Tank Half Full or Higher
Imagine if your area is hit hard, I’m talking like Ashlie’s story of the Northridge quake and needing to leave town or like the devastating tornadoes in the south this winter. If your closest family is miles away, you’re going to need to make it there or at least out of town for a gas station… If you’re one to run around town with a quarter tank, you won’t be making it far since gas stations will likely close due to damage. Make sure you will be able to get to your nearest destination, however much gas that will take.

Stock Pile Water
With large earthquakes or other natural disasters, they can wipe our your sources to clean water. If you’re one to rely on your fridge tap, that option will be to the wayside with the damage that can come. You will need to make sure to have enough water for each member of your family and pets! You will be needing purified water especially if your baby is formula fed.

Have a Bag of Essentials Packed or a List for Quick Reference
While I may not have two of everything that would be essential for us to take, you can bet I will have a list to reference in the case of an emergency. I keep all of my son’s extra food, snacks, emergency formula and his overnight bag in one place. This closet is also where we keep shoes, jackets, flashlights & games – all around preparedness for the waiting game. The overnight bag typically has a few diapers, wipes, pacifier, toys and clothes in it – so it’s a good start. Having these items in one place will make it easier for you in the event of an emergency to grab what you need.  So with those items I keep a list – of everything I would need if I were to leave home, it’s very similar to a list of things you would travel with.

Keep an Envelope of Cash
In the event of a major emergency, if stores don’t close down, it’s likely power will be out, which means credit card machines are no good. You will need cash to handle purchases for needs. There really isn’t any area that can’t be hit by a natural disaster, so this is incredibly important.

Let’s Talk Food
Now if you lose power, think smart about the best way to utilize the perishables in your fridge and freezer.  If you buy meat in bulk, now is the time to cook it. Even if the power is out, a gas grill or fire pit would do the trick to cook those meats so they don’t go to waste. When the 1989 Bay Area earthquake happened, this is exactly what my in-laws did.  They got everyone in their complex together and had a BBQ to salvage the food that would have perished. From there, start eating what’s in your pantry.

Got Milk?
In lieu to the thought of your freezer being out of power, do you have a backup stock pile of milk to be concerned about? Now this is only so salvageable, because you can’t overfeed your baby to let it not go to waste, but it would be a good idea to use any ice in your freezer and place it into a cooler for longer keeping. Honestly, if your milk supply is astounding, you may want to consider having a backup generator to keep everything safe – which will in turn keep any frozen foods safe as well. You can get a really great portable, gas powered generator right on Amazon like this one.

I’d love to hear what you and your family do to prepare below! These are the kind of situations that we can all hear from one another about and there is no such thing as being over prepared. All joking aside, I’d rather be the person that people come running to in a devastating event.

-Essentially a Mom

Source: Earthquake Survival Kit for Babies