One Year Photos


petersonfamily-38I’m taking a break today to recognize the great work of a photographer who captures families and weddings so incredibly – Melissa Vossler Photography. We just got our photos back from our son’s first birthday session with smash cake included and I can’t help but share in the delight these beautiful pictures bring.


petersonfamily-33We are all guilty of it now-a-days… we snap pictures on our phones on a daily basis. We create incredible time capsules all within the midst of our finger tips. Some blurry, some without knowledge of why we took that picture months later, but how often is the entire family together in one photo?  Everyone once in a while I end up with an unbelievable photo but rarely do I end up with a photo that I truly want to go out of my way to print.


petersonfamily-54I highly encourage you to support local photographers because they can truly capture the essence of your family in such a quick glimpse of time. It’s been incredible to see our family grow and have professional photos to look back on and print for our home.



petersonfamily-68I much enjoyed watching him experience cake for the first time, but given his lack of luster for actually eating it? I’m super thankful we ended up with these cute pictures capturing his curiosity of it all.

-Essentially a Mom