Maternity Shoot

Taking a short break before the Holidays for a small throwback to my pregnant self in January 2015. I cannot believe this year is coming to a close and Christmas is just about here…


11 months ago I had the opportunity to take these beautiful photos. I had prayed hard and long for this child of mine and I was beyond static to be pregnant. Not everyone loves being pregnant – but I was head over heels in love with this stage of life.


I was excited to meet our future child, but had the last couple months to go. I carried around my belly with such pride since I knew I was growing a human, a future man of God. The gift of life is such an honor and I wanted to make my Jesus proud.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration of family photo shoots or tips and tricks, I will continue sharing them here for you.


It’s incredible what a little human does to you – before you even meet them.


PS. Don’t limit yourself with maternity clothes! I mean typically I would stretch my normal clothes to work for my pregnant body, but I found this awesome dress at Nordstrom – ordered it online… prayed it would fit.. and BAM! Best purchase of maternity clothes ever 🙂