DIY Holiday Wreath

If you’re anything like me or any other human, you’re bound to find yourself invited to a Holiday party or dinner.  And if you’re also like me, you hate to go anywhere empty handed.  There is no better way to say thank you to a host than with a nice gesture.

I typically end up bringing a bottle of wine – it’s an easy go to, but sometimes that can be over done and what if I don’t know what type they like?

That’s where this simple Holiday DIY comes in – the living wreath. This was so simple, I completed it in 15 minutes while my son entertained himself with toys.

What you’ll need:

  • grapevine wreath; found at any craft store or on Amazon
  • fresh Holiday greenery; found at Christmas tree farms, local florist or even local markets
  • scissors
  • ribbon

20151213_132323You can get really creative with these and add any type of greenery with additions such as ornaments, pieces of wood, stone, etc. The heaver items will need wire to attach, but if you’re doing the version I made with evergreen and ribbon, none is necessary. Follow the steps below to design your living wreath:

20151213_133642Trim branches down to 6″ or smaller. I also organized mine by size so I could start with the larger bundles and then add in the smaller ones to the holes towards the end.

20151213_133652I start with the branches that had to get trimmed down and have a rough end on both sides because they will end up getting layered over so the ends will be hidden.

Pull evergreen through the grapevine, then pull through some of the smaller pieces towards the bottom to hide where it was pulled through.

Continue adding greenery working away from the last piece to cover the part that was just pulled through. Add the greenery moving from the largest to smallest pieces to cover the entire grapevine wreath.

When you’re finished the wreath should appear full with little to no grapevine showing. Add a ribbon or other decor to the outside of the wreath.

Hang on a wall or add to a centerpiece to liven up your living area. I added a small tin bucket filled with small ornaments to liven up my table for the Holiday.20151213_140256

These make the perfect thank-you to that dinner or party host or even simple gifts to pass out to friends and family just before the Holiday’s arrive.

-Essentially a Mom

Evergreen Wreath jpg