Essentially a Mom

I am essentially a mom, on a journey to find what is best for my family. We have all been there, questioning what we put into our bodies, [do we really know everything about that afternoon latte?] just to be struck down by responses of the society around us to doubt why we doubted in the first place. Well I say, enough!

Ever since my husband and I ventured to San Francisco, first hand being able to experience real food, taking the leap of starting a family and the pressures that can cause and getting the opportunity to move home. I have seen first hand what fresh, ripe, farm to table, melt in your mouth goodness can do to eradicate our health.  And then came baby… what a life-changing turn that pushed me to explore options of medicine, birthing and caring for a creature that is fully reliant on my choices for their lives. I started to question if this wholesome food was enough for our well-being and began the quest into nature’s medicine cabinet – why trust Western Meds for everyday ailments – why is my doctor, my trusty go-to, board-certified, years-of-schooling doctor shoving more pills into my pockets?

Just like any mom – my family is my world – and I made a promise to do everything I can to be the their #1 advocate. I am tired of suppressing my doubt and letting the norm dictate my life. It’s time to set aside the voices of mainstream non-sense and take a stand mommas!