A Letter to My One Year Old First Born

It’s the eve of your first birthday. I just rocked you to sleep and in those mere moments I couldn’t help but think of this past year. Rocking you today I only need a matter of seconds to calm you for bed, where I remember many nights and countless night time wake ups where I may have rocked your for what felt like hours on end. I sure miss those snuggles and the opportunity I got to care for you even when I felt it was so overwhelming.  I now realize why many mom’s get to the point where they can’t wait to have that newborn stage over again or just to get their hands on a newborn if they are done with children themselves. I wouldn’t take any of the sleep deprivation, the lowered immunity, the stretch marks, the struggles in recovery, the labor or the times I spent with you happy or upset back. My time with you has stretched me and grown me into the mother I am today and I have to thank you. We were able to learn together, grow together and start what we know as a family together.


The moment we met on 3/24/15 at 1:37pm 8 lb. 13 oz. & 22.5 inches long

As I enter this next year of life with you, help me remember our first year, our learning stages, help me welcome our second born and help me to continue to grow into an incredible mother to raise you and your sibling(s) with dignity, humility, strength, knowledge, and the love of the Lord.


Our last photo before your First Birthday

What I have learned most in this past year is I need you as much as you need me.

I am essentially your mom and I will continually pray to be the best mom you will ever know.

12888646_10154213159029994_5293737797392877631_oHappy First Birthday Maverick Leo!!!

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