Daily Regiment to a Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations! You either took a test and saw that positive result or you’re basking in the glow of seeing that peanut on an ultrasound, but now your reveling in the amount of do this and don’t do that’s. If you are reading this and just trying to get pregnant, even better because these regiments will work best if started before conception. Now, there are many recommendations for pregnancy and it’s time to know, not all vitamins are created equal. Today I wanted to share my daily routines I stick to in pregnancy. The reason I feel it’s important to share is because, believe it or not, I experience NO symptoms in pregnancy. I have energy, no sickness, no cravings [just hunger] and I haven’t actually felt pregnant until yesterday, week 20, because I officially have a bump that’s undeniable.

Now, the laundry list of vitamins can seem overwhelming.. and sometimes swallowing one more pill when the gag reflux and nauseousness are at all times highs? Well momma, you’re responsible for a little life, so while the list can be long, it’s incredibly important to nourish that little life along with yours. Your body is working triple overtime trying to keep yourself and your baby in top health, so do your part. I noticed the only times where I may have felt different, or had a slight headache were when I was not on top of my daily regiment!

Here is what I take and why (each is linked to where you can find these products on Amazon — I love Amazon!  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and you’ll be thankful once baby arrives):

  • Whole Food Prenatal – please know that not all store bought vitamins are one in the same. Typically when taking a generic, run-of-the-mill multi vitamin, your body can only absorb so much. When taking your prenatals in the form of a whole food vitamin, your body has a chance to properly break down the pill and absorb more. So, you technically get more bang for your buck.
  • Cod Liver Oil / Butter Oil Blend – I eat salmon and avocados almost on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I intake enough Omega’s. The best form of fish oil is created by Green Pasture’s, this process dates back to biblical times of fermenting livers of cod fish to extract the oil. This combined with the butter fat helps your body absorb the pure, clean and nutrient rich sacred food.
  • Hemagenics – If your doctor even mentions low iron or anemia, take this. Within one week of taking this magical whole food vitamin, my iron levels went from scary low to off the charts awesome. You don’t want to run the risk of low iron levels in pregnancy since it’s essential for making hemoglobin, your growing baby and the placenta. Iron deficiencies are highly common, so it’s a safe bet to take these, especially when experiencing morning sickness to keep your levels where they need to be.
  • Vitamin D3 – This is also a common one to be deficient in. If it were summer time, I’d recommend some gardening and walking outside.. However, we are currently in the midst of winter and a strong El Nino, so I’m taking these supplements. My first blood work showed this was the only low level I had in my body, so it’s the only one I have added in due to my labs. Vitamin D3 is not easily found in foods, so the vitamin is recommended if your levels are low.
  • Vitamin K12 – I only take this a couple times per week. If you are taking the Cod Liver Oil & Butter Blend, then you should be getting plenty of Vitamin K from the butter oil.  Vitamin K is important to keep calcium from building up in all the wrong places and gets it moving to where it’s needed, like bones and teeth. This is especially important to take in the final days of pregnancy and after birth if you’re planning on declining the Vitamin K shot.

Beyond the Vitamins, I have found other ways to intake added supplements, which I believe are more important than the vitamins to avoid those awful pregnancy symptoms.

  • Magnesium Oil – SO VERY IMPORTANT! Morning sick? You need magnesium. Tired or fatigued? You need magnesium. Braxton Hicks or muscle aches? Take freaking magnesium now! Pregnant or not, I keep magnesium oil in my daily regiment.. I believe in magnesium so much that I have created an entire other post about it, read why I love it so much here. I use the oil spray and spray it directly onto my stomach or anywhere that’s achy. You can also take a bath in some magnesium flakes or salt.
  • Probiotic Drinks – Found at local healthy stores, either kombucha or probiotic drinks. The reason I love these, is because I toss it in a fancy glass with a garnish and it’s the perfect mocktail. They are tasty, perfect for an evening with friends and your body will love you for treating it with all the good bacteria. I drank probiotics and ate yogurt regularly which is what may have helped prevent Group B Strep in pregnancy. Boosting good flora has positive effects on your entire body  and your entire pregnancy.

Now that you’re intaking everything necessary to keep your health up and grow a healthy child… the list will ever continue. It’s obviously important to stay active – the more active you are, the more timely and easily baby should come. Remember, having a baby is a marathon.. you wouldn’t sit around on the couch waiting for race day would you? So, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for you due date either!

One last tip – eat* your way through pregnancy. Our bodies are obviously in need of some high profile nutrients and the best way to treat our deficiencies is real eating! I say eat* because it’s important you don’t overload on the processed foods – I know, cravings will happen, they are real.. But really your body is screaming out for what you’re in need of. Craving bean burritos? Your body may need iron. Craving that chocolate malt? Time to check on the calcium levels. Our body has an incredible way to tell us what it needs, and while your growing that wonderful little life, treat it with respect so your baby can grow healthy and strong and you don’t just grow large and wide… You’ll be thankful post pregnancy when the added weight melts right off, given you continue a real foods diet.





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