Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Tips


Best Tips for Having a Budget-Friendly Trip With Your Family


Being able to afford travel while on a budget can be challenging by yourself, let alone with a family. If you want to have an affordable trip that the whole family will enjoy, prepare to do quite a bit of planning. As long as you focus on the key details, you’ll have a memorable trip with your budget intact. 


Use an Informed Budget

It’s hard to stick to a budget if the figures you have in mind aren’t representative of what you’ll have to spend. Even when your emphasis is on affordability, you still have options when traveling within the U.S. and to other countries. According to U.S. News, some of the most affordable travel locations can be found in Washington, D.C., as well as North and South Carolina. These destinations usually have a wide range of activities that can satisfy any age. Outside of the country, family-friendly hotels are a great way to get good prices on all-inclusive fun for the whole family. When you’re putting your budget together, don’t forget about the cost of land transportation as well. That’s definitely something that can eat into your funds if you haven’t looked into ways to affordably get from one point to another.


Use Reservation Tricks

When you’re booking your family’s flight, Money Inc. suggests avoiding certain expensive times of the year if you’re on a budget. These include March, April and holidays in the summer. If you insist on traveling at that time, then make sure you adjust your budget accordingly. You can save money on flights by using less popular websites like Momondo, and be sure to look for deals. While you can definitely save some money by avoiding direct flights, this might not work for you if you have really young children. In that case, it’s best to balance what you’re saving with how well your children will be able to handle these delays. You don’t have to book too early as the price might actually be more expensive, so keep checking back until you see a price you like. 


Eat Well on a Budget

Food is an essential part of having an enjoyable family vacation, so make sure you research your options thoroughly. Regardless of how you’re traveling, the one thing that’s certain is that your children will get hungry. You can keep them fed by packing some good travel-ready snacks like granola bars, muffins, and sliced fruit and vegetables. Make sure you stock up on inexpensive containers so you have enough for your trip. According to Money Crashers, you can also save money on food when you’re on vacation if you know where to look. Check out discounts that your hotel may have or any nearby restaurants. Bear in mind that some eateries have free lunches for children so look for those as well. If possible, stay in a place that has a kitchen so you can prepare a few budget-friendly meals for your family. 


Keep Everyone Entertained

Depending on where you go, you should always make sure there are activities that can keep everyone engaged during the daytime. For nights of winding down at the hotel, you should bring along a few games that your children will enjoy. These can include card games or even sketch pads for those who like to draw. You can also carry a tablet with you so your children will have access to their favorite movies or television shows. If you don’t already have a good tablet, find one in your budget by shopping around. Sites like Best Buy are great for getting what you need at affordable prices, plus you can use a BestBuy promo code on top of those discounts. If you can delay shopping until it’s time for the deal season, that’s even better. 


It can be quite a task to give your family the vacation of their dreams on a set budget, but it’s not impossible. What’s important is that you take all the details into consideration and do your research. Don’t shy away from taking advantage of deals and discounts wherever you find them.


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