Baby Purees: Nutrient Dense Quick Saute

As you saw in my previous post, I whipped up a pretty simple, 3-ingredient saute that was nutrient dense and made 4 quick servings for this week. Since it was so simple, I decided to make another today! For one reason, I had fresh organic spinach that would soon be wilted and go bad if I didn’t use it, but that gave me a great reason to make a wonderful green puree for my son.

I cannot stress the importance of a nutrient dense diet, not only for your child but for your entire family. I’m sure you’re hearing of the countless stories of eat fat to lose fat and people putting butter (yes, butter) in their coffee.  My father-in-law now puts coconut oil in his coffee every morning to lower blood pressure. Healthy fats have gained this awful stigma of being bad for our culture due to the nature of processed fats that were introduced. Know the difference of healthy fats versus unhealthy fats. Pickup the book Nourishing Traditions and literally challenge the status quo and political correctness of our society about food. Read for yourself and make the decision for your family of what you want to control and put into your own bodies and your health will thank you. I live in a world where my home is full of fresh, local, organic produce, meat straight from farms or wild caught fish, fermented foods, kombucha in growlers and REAL salt. I employer you to let food heal you and show you what it can do to your body & mind.

Now back to the food I whipped up today. I wanted to create another simple 3 ingredient saute that I made purely from ingredients I had available in my kitchen. I love having hardy produce on hand a few frozen items such as peas or berries so I can use them as a base in all my recipes from baby to family dinners. This way I don’t feel bogged down by having to run to the market to cook yet another puree for my son. I buy organic apples from Costco in bulk since we go through them quickly yet they keep if we don’t eat them as fast as normal. Try to think of ingredients you would normally have on hand and work from there. Consider what you’d normally pair with those fruits and vegetables for yourself so you can encourage the palate of your child to be ready to enjoy those dinners with you since he or she has experienced them in small doses through purees and finger foods.

Apple, Spinach & Peas

20160308_111151Melt coconut oil in a saute pan and add diced apples. Let the apples saute for a 8-10 minutes until golden on one side then stir to flip. Continue to saute for another few minutes until cooked down to a soft texture when punctured with a  fork. Add spinach and peas on top of apples and cover with a lid until spinach is wilted and peas are warmed through.

Once spinach is wilted and peas are heated through, add them to a vitamix or food processor and blend to child’s liking.  If your little one can handle chunkier foods, serve as is on a plate – that is the beauty of these “baby food” recipes… they are for any age child from puree eating to finger food eating toddlers.

20160308_115918This recipe will make approximately 4 servings off baby food.I store my purees in 4oz jelly jars, which can be topped near to the brim if your child eats closer to 5oz in a sitting. I use the plastic one piece lids that can also be found on Amazon here.

-Essentially a Mom